Happy Healthy Grateful Challenge: Nutrition/Hydration

Brick Canvas is hosting a Wellness Balance Challenge and I'm in charge of their Nutrition and Hydration portion. There are a couple options for participation in this event.

If you just want accountability to do your hydration check-ins, and to be offered a variety of easy nutrition challenges throughout the month, then this is the option for you. For the hydration challenge, we'll use the fun & free app Plant Nanny to make sure we are hitting our water goals every day. Every time we log in our cups of water, we also get to water our plant so it doesn't die (no pressure!:)) We will periodically share pictures of our growing plant in the group to make sure we are all staying on track.

THE NUTRITION EXPERIENCE - $59 ($49 if you sign up on October 1st)
You not only get to participate in the Facebook Group, but you also get 4 weeks of real nutrition training on top of that.

We'll have weekly webinars including the following topics:
-Macronutrients and Micronutrients (what are they and how do you know you are getting enough)
-How certain foods can affect our body (psychologically, hormonally, gut health, immune system, inflammation and disease)
-Label Reading 101
-Why sourcing matters
-Eating for performance (pre and post workout meals)
-Myth busting: Cholesterol (what is it, what determines good/bad cholesterol and what high cholesterol is actually caused by. Hint: it is not the cholesterol we eat.)
-How to utilize Weekend Food Prep to eat healthier throughout the week
-Using what we've learned to choose an eating path that is right for you that respects your goals and priorities

I am also offering the weekly webinars a la carte to the Facebook Group Only members at a drop-in rate of $15 per class, if you see one that covers a topic that interests you and you'd like to attend.

Webinars will be held Thursdays 10/3-10/24 at 7:30

Nutrition and Hydration Challenge