Level Up Program

Not quite ready for a Whole30, but want to "baby step" your way towards making healthier choices for you and your family? This 4-week course you can participate in from the comfort of your own home might be for you!

*    Access to a private Facebook Group with other program participants
*    Group accountability and support to make at least one simple change a week
*    Weekly 1-hour webinars* discussing nutrition topics, including, but not limited to:
Macronutrients and Micronutrients (what are they, are you getting enough, etc.)
How certain foods can affect our body (psychologically, hormonally, gut health, inflammation levels, disease, etc.)
Myth Busting (i.e. what is the real source of high cholesterol?)
Label reading 101
Why sourcing matters (organic, grass-fed, etc.)
Eating for performance (pre and post workout meals)
Utilizing Food Prep to eat healthier throughout the week
Using what you've learned to choose an eating path that is right for you that respects your goals and priorities

*Weekly webinars will be recorded so that those who can't make the 'live' meeting can watch it on playback when convenient.

To register for this course at the low introductory price of $49 click "Buy Now" to complete your payment in Paypal, then you will be invited to the private group where we can get started in making little changes that make a big difference!